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How to Discuss Getting Home Care to Your Senior Parent


Often, your senior parent may be against getting elderly care in Texas because of pride or they’re not comfortable with having limited independence. However, despite their concerns about getting home care, they may be showing signs of struggles due to old age, like mobility issues or they’re losing weight because they’re not eating healthy meals.

With this, you may have to discuss with them to give home care a chance. So how do you open up this subject to your elderly parent? Here are our tips on how to do so:

  • Listen to Your Parents’ Concern
    You might have already expected them to express their concern when bringing up the topic of home care. However, when you have an open discussion about it, listen to them, understand them, and provide suggestions on how to compromise.
  • Be Patient with Them
    If they are stubborn about getting help from caregivers, lengthen your patience with them. At the same time, be empathetic toward their concern and discuss the topic calmly.
  • Make Sure to Allow Them to Decide
    Should they start considering the option, make sure that they also have a say in what kind of care they receive, what they are looking for in a caregiver, how flexible the time should be, and so forth.

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