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Types of Tasks Associated with Personal Care

types-of-tasks-associated-with-personal-carePersonal care is one of the things we don’t neglect as it plays a vital role in maintaining our overall wellness. But due to uncontrollable circumstances like aging, chronic ailments, physical disability, etc., we may not be able to take care of our personal needs such as toileting, bathing, cooking, eating, and so on. Fortunately, we can avail of personal care similar to those offered in home care services in Houston, Texas. Here are some tasks that will be provided to us when we opt to avail of home care, especially on assisting us with our personal care needs.


The home care professional will assist us to have our routine bath like what is done at elderly care in Texas. It’s necessary because it promotes our self-esteem and healing. We need this service when we are recuperating from injuries or ailments, have chronic illnesses, are disabled permanently, feel very weak, or dying. This will give a chance for our personal care aides to evaluate our skin and communicate with us about what we feel.

Back Rubs

Our home care staff can provide us with back rubs after our baths, before going to sleep, after repositioning, and when we want to relax. But we should let the home care professional know that it’s okay for them to give back rubs. Back rubs help relax our muscles, stimulate circulation, and promote sleep. Back rubs usually last for about 5 minutes. Our personal care aide will check for any bruise, white, red, or open areas, and any sign of skin condition.

Changing of Clean Dressing

Home care professionals can assist or change clean dressings. Those who are utilized on dry and closed wounds have lesser chances of being infected. But for sterile dressings which are applied on new and open or draining wounds, where sterile technique is needed to stop bacteria and other types of pathogens from infecting the wound, they may not do it.

Caring for the mouth and teeth

Caregivers can assist us with maintaining our mouth hygiene at least twice a day, in the morning and evening. It can also be done after meals or when we request it. This would keep our mouths clean and prevent the build-up of bacteria which could cause further health issues.

Sustain Home Health Care Services ensures that all the home care professionals we hire are highly qualified and well trained to provide you the best personal care.

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