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Characteristics of Health Care Provided at Home

characteristics-of-health-care-provided-at-home We have several options when it comes to where we want to get help in order for us to recover from our medical conditions or maintain our current level or slow the decline of our health. We may decide to go to hospitals and other institutionalized care settings where physicians and nurses take care of us. Another popular option is home care which can provide health care at our respective homes similar to the home care Services in Houston, Texas. Let’s look at the following characteristics of home health care.

  • Patient autonomy
    When we avail of home care such as the elderly care in Texas, especially on our health care needs, we have more autonomy on the implementation or even interventions regarding our home health care needs. For instance, at hospitals, we receive our medications at the right schedule at appropriate intervals. But this may not be followed when health care is provided at home. We may request to take our meds at varying times. But our home health care professional will encourage us to take our medicines at the right time and interval.
  • Informal caregivers
    Those of us who decide to have home care services can also receive support from our family and close friends. This has both positive and negative sides. On the upside, it would be nice to see the beloved people in our lives showing care to us. On the downside, most of our family members or close friends may not have training on how to provide the proper care. It’s a challenge for our home care professionals to evaluate the quality of care given by informal caregivers like our family members and friends.
  • Unique setting
    The setting where home health care professionals provide care is unique which is our respective homes. It’s quite different from a hospital or institutionalized care center. There are situational risks at home which are absent in hospitals such as air quality, the safety of stair risers, etc. These are additional concerns that home care staff should keep in mind.
  • Facilitate supported decline
    Due to the large number of us seniors who are receiving care from home health care agencies certified by Medicare, it is safe to assume that some of us are on a trajectory of decline. Some of us lose the ability to do certain activities of daily living even though we are given top-quality home health care. One of the main goals of home health care is to facilitate an assisted decline.

At Sustain Home Health Care Services, rest assured that you will be provided with the best quality of home health care by our highly trained and qualified home care professionals.

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